Friday, May 23, 2014

Can Narendra Modi Reshape India?

Narendra Modi's landslide victory at the Indian general elections speaks volumes to the fact that the majority of Indian people have pinned their hopes to him when it comes to reshaping India into a better place.

Widely seen as a pro-business figure, Prime Minister Modi is expected to apply his experience gained from his days as chief minister of the Gujarat state to the rest of India. Having risen from a commoner, it is also believed that he widely appreciates what the general Indian people need and possesses a strong willingness to hand Indians a higher standard of living and tackle corruption.

Modi did not elaborate on his foreign policy stance during his election campaign. But some believe he may pursue a hard line toward disputes based on the track record of his party, the BJP. Others contend that he may soften up when he starts to think in the position of the Prime Minister.

So how do Indians look at the electoral victory of Prime Minister Modi? What changes, be they in economy, social welfare or foreign policy, do people expect Mr. Modi to bring to India?

Prof. Mattoo spoke to China Radio International's Zheng Chenguang in Beijing to discuss some of these issues. To listen in, click on the link below:

(Source: China Radio International)

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  1. Hello Dr. Amitabh,

    I was browsing through and stumbled upon your article in The Hindu regarding the Article 370 in contention as the Hottest topic today.
    Your article has been both awe-inspiring and jaw dropping with respect to the facts that you put across to put things in perspective. However, said that, i was wondering if there is a source of Information i.e. a book, audio, excerpts; for getting such insightful knowledge on the Kashmir Issue pertaining to Article 370. I had the opportunity to get my hands on Kashmir, 1947-1965 by M.C. Chagla; it was an eye opener for an amateur like me interested in the Real Issue with Kashmir and Article 370.
    Also, while you are generous enough to read this, can you shed some light on whether Mr. Patel was really not in favor of the Article 370 and had to do so only to keep Nehru happy as it was a matter of prestige for him for he had given a word to Sheikh Abdullah??????
    Also, a little late but never too late... Congratulations on your Padma Sri Award.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Anirudh Garg