Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Romance of the Nation-State

Prof. Mattoo in conversation with Prof. Ashis Nandy and Prof. Phillip Darby at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne in a session which tried to deconstruct the notion of the nation-state and simultaneously make an attempt to explore new imaginations of social existence as well as political entities. The conversation was a part of the conference Playing Ball? The Ins and Outs of the Indo-Australian Relationship hosted by the Institute of Postcolonial Studies (IPCS) and the Australia India Institute (AII)

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  1. Sir, this seems really a great conversation. Really i feel happy to see you as a person of our locality.

    Sir, a concept is coming into my mind.this is all for the sake of international peace."
    sir the concept is "is it possible to derive a mathematical equation which can be appleid directly to bring peace in any part of the world".
    Sir, the concept emerges from the saying of a kashmiri sufi.qouted in kashmiri as" faqeeri marn bron't zind marun, faqeeri sir maula sar karun." AND

    "dil kis kaabas gath chus karaan, har dam saraan hu tay ha, dun hooran seith kerith muta, kunirich katha paalan chus."

    want your suggestion sir.

    Your's sincerely.
    Naveed Rasool.